There When You Need Us 24-7

At Kattle Kountry we believe our clients deserve the best service, which is why we are available anytime for large animal services, both routine or emergency.

We go above and beyond.

Kattle Kountry’s focus is to provide exceptional customer service. We look forward to serving our community in Saskatchewan and caring for your herds, horses, and pets.

Part of your solution

Kattle Kountry offers veterinary services that help ensure the success and longevity of beef producers. We are committed to maximizing your productivity and ultimately profitability.


About Kattle Kountry

Kattle Kountry Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary practice in Mortlach, Saskatchewan. We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Beef Veterinary Services
  • Equine Veterinary Services
  • Small Animal Veterinary Care (available through house calls)
  • 24/7 Large Animal Emergency Services
  • Genetic Services
  • Electronic Record Management
  • Nutritional Consulting

We believe in developing lasting relationships with our clients by providing high quality veterinary services and herd health medicine. At Kattle Kountry, we are as committed to your success and longevity in the industry as you are.

We strive to deliver exceptional, value-added customer service, while helping producers maximize herd performance and profitability.

About Dr. Ashley

Ashley Eastmond

Dr. Ashley Eastmond’s passion for veterinary care started at a young age. Ashley grew up on a mixed farm in Central Alberta where she was actively involved in her family’s cow-calf operation. That passion led Ashley to her BSc. in Agriculture Animal Science from the University of Alberta and her DVM in 2012 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. After graduation, Ashley worked in mixed animal practice in Alberta and Saskatchewan before opening her own large and small animal mobile practice, Kattle Kountry Veterinary Services (KKVS).

Kattle Kountry’s focus is to provide exceptional customer service while helping producers maximize their productivity and profitability. As an avid beef producer herself, Dr. Ashley recognizes those tight margins and understands that every investment in your herd needs to contribute to the overall profit, including your veterinary services. At Kattle Kountry, our goal is to work with producers to maximize herd health and productivity by developing customized programs based on individual risk and needs. Kattle Kountry Veterinary understands there are no “regular business hours” when it comes to farming and as such will work with producers, big and small, to ensure their needs are met for both routine and emergency services.


Our Mission

Kattle Kountry believes in providing the highest quality veterinary care and herd health medicine to our Saskatchewan clients. We are mobile and available for large animal service 24/7. Kattle Kountry delivers exceptional customer service while partnering with producers to help maximize herd performance and profitability.